Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hippity Hoppity!

Ah, springtime! It came a little early here, but Easter Sunday was the perfect day! The azalea blooms had already dropped off, but my neighbor's comeback roses made a beautiful backdrop to showcase the girls' dresses.

I made them from completely thrifted material. I had Hayden's for a while. I had purchased it from Goodwill about a year ago. It wasn't quite a yard, but it had these lovely blue timed scallops on both edges, which eliminated the need for hemming! It is a basic bodice with a gathered skirt the sleeves have a slight pleat and I inverted the scallops to trim the sleeves. I loved the Swiss dot so much that I didn't embellish it anymore. It was fully lined with a thrifted sheet!

A few weeks ago, I was listening to my "musicals" Pandora station when the ever classic "My Favorite Things" came on. I immediately was inspired for Carys' dress to be white and blue...you know white dresses with blue satin sashes? Well, no satin, but a fully lined a-lined panel dress with a blue cotton sash works! It is all from thrifted sheets.

The white sheet has a lovely feel and weight to it. It originally had lace trim on the end that I wanted to use on the bottom of the dress, but there wasn't enough. After much pontificating, I just went with a simple blue decorative machine stitch on the bottom, the sleeve cuffs and the collar.

There is a bow in the back. I didn't have snaps and I wish I had gotten some because the hook and eyes just didn't cut it and it kept falling off! Oh well!

I think they turned out lovely and next year I want us all to have similar colors. Steven matched the colors, but I had skirt fail so I ended up just pulling out an old dress. (By the way, one of us ALWAYS photobombs a family picture!)

We had a wonderful Easter anyway and enjoyed family and celebrating the fact that He is Risen!

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