Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Treats!

My girls went out with their dear daddy for "Daddy Daughter Date Night" at our local Chic fil A. They do this every year around Valentine's Day and it's a pretty big deal as you have to make reservations! They set the tables restaurant style, take your order and have violinists, too! (Or so I'm told since I'm not allowed to go!)

Well, for this special date with dad, my girls HAD to have Valentine's dresses. I tried to get them done so they could enjoy them for school celebrations this month, too. I didn't want to make them so campy and themed that they couldn't wear them year round.

For H, I used the Oliver + S Family Reunion dress. I had a great pink linen on hand for another project that didn't get used. The only thing I changed was I put one huge button on the front tab instead of the four little buttons...(Steven will tell you it's because me and the tab had many words and I wasn't pleased with how it turned out...he heard me use "sewing language" on that).

I put matching yellow buttons down the back for a more fun retro feel. I'll tell you with the pin tucks and the top stitch detailing on the bottom, I am in LOVE with this dress!

For C, I had been wanting to do this dress from Jessica at Me Sew Crazy.

I had been scared to use pre-ruffled fabric because it can be a little pricey when it's not on sale and I'm not used to knits. I found this remanent at Hobby Lobby for $2.50! It was almost a yard and it worked perfectly for C! I added a skinny black belt to help cinch the waist and her cropped sweater. She will be able to wear this year round and it's stretchy and versatile enough to wear for a long time!

She was extremely unhappy about the shoes because she's still nursing her sprain from her bike fall, but oh well!

I think everyone was pleased about their special night out!

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