Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Holiday Post - 1

One lesson I learned this Christmas is that when I decide to semi-handmade almost ALL of the gifts, I need to start in September! I was so scrambling at the last minute and had to make some adjustments due to time. But, in the end, everyone got their presents (and I hope they liked them!)

First up were the gifts I made for some dear little girls that I have the pleasure to know! I wanted to make them something from this awesome Riley Blake print I had.

I ended up complimenting them with some Moda fabric I had laying around (sorry, I can't find the link, but I'm pretty sure it's from the Hoopla collection). I wanted them similar, yet different, so I ended up bustling one in the front center and the other one on both sides.

The ribbon trim i had laying around as well (I THINK I got it last year from the Target Valentine's dollar bin!) I loved how they both looked kind of circusy and like stage curtains. I paired them with simple white tees and leggings from trusty Target!

They were also quite a twirly hit with the little princesses - sorry, no pics of that.... : (

Tomorrow, a simple pampering present!

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