Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Little Pampering? Yes, Please!

A couple of the gifts I put together were items that would hopefully help with relaxation and one of my favorite comforts - food!

Both of these ideas were taken from Pinterest - one of my new favorite addictions and I'm sure it's yours, too!

The first was a Peppermint Scrub made primarily with sugar. While it goes against my feelings about food coloring, it was just a drop for color and it wasn't being digested! This was SUPER easy to put together and smelled and felt delightful! I got the jars at the trusty dollar store and printed out labels, backed them with card stock and finished it off with a ribbon and a stir stick! There are many homemade scrub recipes out there, so take a look around. I'm going to try a brown sugar one next!

The next one was a hit with both the ladies and the gents. It was a Spice Rub for any meat. Being primarily paprika and brown sugar based, it smelled delicious while making it and works like a charm....there was some test kitchen on this one! One again, I turned to my dollar store for spice jars (not the best quality, but they work) and then applied some labels. They didn't stick well, but I think that was because the quality.

These were a couple of my favorite gifts because they were so quick and very useful! (Plus, the personal testing was a bonus!)

I also made my dear dad a couple of pj pants. These were pretty basic that I whipped up from an old Simplicity patten I had. Simple, but practical!

Tomorrow, my newest obsession!

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