Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quick update and Simple Joys

I wanted to take a moment to say that I am in the middle of finalizing ALL kinds of Christmas presents, but I can't reveal any of them yet! I will have those up post-merriment!

I also wanted to pause and say "Thank You" to a specific blog that I've started following recently. Ashley at Lil Blue Boo is such a creative resource as well as an inspiration. She has gone through (and continues to go through) some pretty incredible struggles, however her attitude and spirit are very inspirational. I encourage you to form your own opinions!

As I finish up the year, grudgingly working when all I want to do is be at home crafting and hanging with my girls and husband, I find myself to be a little blue at times. This may be because of some of the things that I have gone through recently....I'm not really sure. Anyway, Ashley's Choose Joy motto has helped me out a lot! I ordered some of the little purple reminders and glancing at it throughout the day helps remind me of the simple joys.....even at the office!

So, as you celebrate your holidays, whatever they may be, may you remember your simple joys. I know I have mine!

Merry Christmas!

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