Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ode to Freezer Paper

Who would have thought that one of my favorite, most useful sewing tools would have been located in the paper goods aisle of my local grocery store?

I would always get frustrated when, after purchasing this beautiful, multiple-sized pattern, I had to cut it to shreds. What do I do if I want to make it again? Tape it? (Believe me, I tried - it's not pretty!)

Little did I know there was such a simple solution? Elementary, really. For real. All it takes is tracing skills. Don't you master those around age 6?

It took me staring at my Oliver + S pattern and agonizing on how not to ruin it to remember a simple trick I had read in several places.

Freezer paper. Yes, the stuff you can wrap meat in. It's thin enough to see through with a drawing type paper on one side and a wax paper on the other. Simply fantastic!

Simply lay out your pattern, put freezer paper over it - wax side down -(tape multiple pieces in place if necessary) and trace over your correct size. Make sure to include all markings exactly the same as it reads on the pattern. Then, you just cut the freezer paper instead of your pattern! You can reuse the freezer paper pattern or recycle it - whatever suits you!

Seriously, this simple trick made me so giddy!

Happy sewing!

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