Monday, November 14, 2011

In Poor Form

I have a love/hate relationship with Craig's List.

Or rather, flaky sellers.

I have had outstanding luck the majority of the time with both selling and buying. It is usually a fantastic resource for people unloading their trash into your treasure or vice versa.

Over the weekend Steven and I decided to clean up our basement some and posted a ton on the site, each one of us listing our stuff respectively. We both also were searching for items. I specifically found a dress form that normally retails for over $100 selling locally for $20!!! I was pumped! I immediately contacted the seller asking her the size and such and she responded within 12 hours. Great, I thought and I responded promptly with "When can we meet?"

Meanwhile, Steven got almost immediate hits on ALL of his stuff, plus offers of trading.

My stuff for sale...nothing.

I realized today I had not heard back from the dress form lady, so I followed up on when I could met her. Five minutes later, an email with three words....

"It has sold".

What? Seriously? I was led on!

So, while I sit here trying to find another reasonably priced dress form, Steven basks in his Craig's List fortune of wheeling and dealing and looks over at me fuming and simply says with a smirk on his face, "She had bad form, huh?"

Ha. Ha.

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