Monday, June 13, 2011

Um, hi....remember me?

Hello there. I know, I's been too long! You know how life gets a little crazy from time to time. Anyway, I have a project to share with you!

I have been really wanting to make something without using a pattern or a tutorial and also wanted to make something for myself. Well, I combined those two desires in this little project!

My inspiration for this project came to me in the form of 32 yards of vintage lace that I won from Ebay. I don't think I realized just how much this would be. When it arrived in the mail, I nearly fainted. It was a ton! And, it was lovely! Perfect condition from an estate sale. I LOVE finds like this! Anyway, I quickly started brainstorming on what to do with it (not that I only had enough for one project!) I toyed with the idea of a shirt for the girls, or a cute frilly skirt or dress for them. NO MAS, I decided, it was time for ME! I thought it would be the perfect material for a summery shirt (this was back in March, mind you, and yes, I said shirt...bear with me).

Well, last week, I finally decided to get started. I used a shirt that I like to wear as a pattern. It's sleeveless, but I figured I could work around that. I used a lining fabric of two pillowcases from Goodwill. They were basic white, so that worked out well! I traced the general shape of my shirt on the lining and sewed it together. What I failed to remember is that the shirt I used for the pattern is knit and the pillowcases are not....anyway, I had to add some extra at the bottom in order for it to fit on my not as small as it used to be mid-section. (I also was avoiding the use of buttons and zippers for some odd reason). I pinned and sewed the lace in place and it was turning out so well. However, when I tried the shirt on for the hubs, he told me it looked like I was pregnant....which it did, and which I'm not. Knowing I didn't need any extra fluff in my midsection, I pondered on what to do. As I was looking at this beautiful lace and how proud I was of my perfect placement, it came to me....I'll cut off the top part and voila, it's a skirt!

My zipper avoidance was to come to an end as I had to place a zipper on the side (it puckered a little, but not too awful, I guess). I also ran some bias tape for binding around the top and polished it off with a tiny lace trim for character.

(I LOVE the detail in this lace...isn't it pretty?)

It's not perfect, but I think it is pretty darn good for something for me (I'm not as easy to fit as my cute, petite girls) and winging it without a pattern!

(Don't mind the chubby model....I keep trying to tell her to do something about that, but she just won't listen!)

Maybe I'll try something else for me soon!

***Oh, and I have PLENTY of lace left over for something else, but probably not a shirt!!!****

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