Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What project to do next?

As I was cleaning up my craft area from the disaster that was Halloween, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to work on next. I need to get C a Christmas dress made (H has a hand me down that's still in great shape). However, I don't know what material I want to use for a particular pattern.

After staring at the pattern for about 15 minutes, I decided to start working on C's quilt again. H's was the first one I did and it looks *OK* (just don't look closely!) I figured I needed to work hard on C's, so it would actually get done!

I did some curtains for her room a couple of months ago out of an ivory cotton with a dark brown vine print with dark purple and pink flowers (it's one of the materials in the quilt - you can see it in the photo below). I decided to take those colors as inspiration for the quilt and got some pretty textures and florals with pinks, purples and a teeny bit of brown. I decided to try a pretty star pattern quilt I found in a McCall's Quilting magazine from last year. I got all the pieces measured and rotary cut....

****Fast Forward Three Months****

OK, so here's the point where I pulled the quilt out again and started working on it. Since this is only my second quilt, I'm pretty much an amateur. It still amazes me that all these little squares and rectangles will turn into a magnificent quilt that will hopefully be cherished for many years!

The finished quilt will consist of 48 of these star squares with a border around it.

You see that the square starts with a series of squares and rectangles. There are a total of 16 different square combos and there will be four of each square.

Tune in later for how I did what I call the "V" piece!

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