Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Outfit 1

Sorry for being away for a while.....I had quick trip to Savannah this weekend to visit some old friends! I had a great time, but wasn't able to do any crafty things.

I have a couple of Halloween outfits planned for the girls. One is finished and one is *almost* done. The first outfit I did was a pillowcase style dress for both of them. It can be worn with tights and a long sleeved shirt if it's cool, or just by itself if it turns out to be a typical Georgia end of October!

I had originally planned on putting these on Etsy, but I felt I didn't get them done in time to put them up for sale for the season. Oh well....my girls like them! I only got a picture of C since H was in bed at the time.

The pattern I used was Simplicity 2391. It is a very versatile pattern and I really want to try my hand at the delicate embroidered one that I think would be so sweet for the summer!

The material I used is a Debbie Munn 100% cotton print with spiders and glittery webs that I found at JoAnn's. (My biggest complaint is that the glitter gets EVERYWHERE!!) There are all sorts of fun colors in it, which makes it a little more interesting than just the standard orange and black. For the contrast on C's, I used a purple cotton batik print that I had laying around. Even though I don't have a picture of it, H's contrast band is a yellow floral print cotton scrap I had. The ties for C's are purple and on H's it is a spider web print, since I couldn't find a matching yellow.

If you have never tried a pillowcase dress before, you must. If you are a beginner sewer/crafter, this is one of the easiest, cutest designs you can make. It is all straight seams and can be tweaked in any way you want.

But be careful....it can bring out the crazy creative side in you!!!!


  1. I made a dress for K last year. It was too big and she wouldn't touch it. This year it is perfect and she LOVES it.

    I scored some stuff from my mom this weekend so maybe I can do some stuff at somepoint. We don't have any stores that sale material in Milledgeville! :(

  2. Some Wal-Marts have prepackaged material. Ours doesn't, but I frequent JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby - whoever has the best coupons!