Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Change of Plans

I know I told you yesterday that I would post more Halloween decor....I was just kidding!

Actually, when your oldest daughter insists on having a dress for picture day TOMORROW, plans tend to change. She was absolutely certain she must wear a dress for picture day and when we perused her closet, all she had were lovely summer dresses. Well, she pitched a fit and then advised me that I should make her one.

Where was I going to find the time to make a dress TONIGHT?????

Fortunately, I had one that was partially put together that had been put to the side. It was intended to be a back to school dress, but other things got in the way. The lined bodice was done and the skirt was gathered and attached, so the only things left were the hem, the sleeves, and the **GASP** zipper...DUM, DUM, DUM.....

Anyway, somehow, I managed to finish it tonight and I guess it doesn't look too crappy for pictures. I am not completely satisfied with my zipper work and it should have a flower or a bow embellishment, but overall, it's not too bad.

The pattern I used is an Easy McCall's M5966. The material is a SUPER soft cotton that I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby over the summer. The color does not reflect well in my pictures, but it is a nice peachy/rose color with ivory flowers - sort of a large calico. Hubs says it looks a little prairie girl, but I think it suits her well and will photograph nicely for the yearbook.

It is a crossed bodice with a V neckline. I tacked the bodice in a couple of places so we wouldn't have 7 year old clothing fail. The skirt sits a little above the waist and is gathered nicely and hits right at the knee. The sleeves are gathered, but I like that they're not too poofy.

Sorry for the deviation from the originally scheduled post - hopefully tomorrow I will have more Halloweeny stuff for you.....

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