Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ramping Up.....

I believe it is time to start kicking this blog off again.  We've had a busy several months, but things seem to be settling down a little....but isn't that what always happens before life blows up again?!

Keep an eye out for future posts and some changes around here.......

Until then - don't panic!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hippity Hoppity!

Ah, springtime! It came a little early here, but Easter Sunday was the perfect day! The azalea blooms had already dropped off, but my neighbor's comeback roses made a beautiful backdrop to showcase the girls' dresses.

I made them from completely thrifted material. I had Hayden's for a while. I had purchased it from Goodwill about a year ago. It wasn't quite a yard, but it had these lovely blue timed scallops on both edges, which eliminated the need for hemming! It is a basic bodice with a gathered skirt the sleeves have a slight pleat and I inverted the scallops to trim the sleeves. I loved the Swiss dot so much that I didn't embellish it anymore. It was fully lined with a thrifted sheet!

A few weeks ago, I was listening to my "musicals" Pandora station when the ever classic "My Favorite Things" came on. I immediately was inspired for Carys' dress to be white and know white dresses with blue satin sashes? Well, no satin, but a fully lined a-lined panel dress with a blue cotton sash works! It is all from thrifted sheets.

The white sheet has a lovely feel and weight to it. It originally had lace trim on the end that I wanted to use on the bottom of the dress, but there wasn't enough. After much pontificating, I just went with a simple blue decorative machine stitch on the bottom, the sleeve cuffs and the collar.

There is a bow in the back. I didn't have snaps and I wish I had gotten some because the hook and eyes just didn't cut it and it kept falling off! Oh well!

I think they turned out lovely and next year I want us all to have similar colors. Steven matched the colors, but I had skirt fail so I ended up just pulling out an old dress. (By the way, one of us ALWAYS photobombs a family picture!)

We had a wonderful Easter anyway and enjoyed family and celebrating the fact that He is Risen!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Treats!

My girls went out with their dear daddy for "Daddy Daughter Date Night" at our local Chic fil A. They do this every year around Valentine's Day and it's a pretty big deal as you have to make reservations! They set the tables restaurant style, take your order and have violinists, too! (Or so I'm told since I'm not allowed to go!)

Well, for this special date with dad, my girls HAD to have Valentine's dresses. I tried to get them done so they could enjoy them for school celebrations this month, too. I didn't want to make them so campy and themed that they couldn't wear them year round.

For H, I used the Oliver + S Family Reunion dress. I had a great pink linen on hand for another project that didn't get used. The only thing I changed was I put one huge button on the front tab instead of the four little buttons...(Steven will tell you it's because me and the tab had many words and I wasn't pleased with how it turned out...he heard me use "sewing language" on that).

I put matching yellow buttons down the back for a more fun retro feel. I'll tell you with the pin tucks and the top stitch detailing on the bottom, I am in LOVE with this dress!

For C, I had been wanting to do this dress from Jessica at Me Sew Crazy.

I had been scared to use pre-ruffled fabric because it can be a little pricey when it's not on sale and I'm not used to knits. I found this remanent at Hobby Lobby for $2.50! It was almost a yard and it worked perfectly for C! I added a skinny black belt to help cinch the waist and her cropped sweater. She will be able to wear this year round and it's stretchy and versatile enough to wear for a long time!

She was extremely unhappy about the shoes because she's still nursing her sprain from her bike fall, but oh well!

I think everyone was pleased about their special night out!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flower Power!

My sizing for little girls clothes is slightly limited, seeing as how I currently have only two sizes. Of course, I have occasionally sewn for a couple of smaller friends, but generally, I'm stuck in a 4/5 or very slim, tall 7/8. In order to branch out my skills, I enlisted the help of my beautiful niece, L!

I made this for her from a Simplicity pattern (that the number is torn off of!). However, it is really only a two layered circle skirt that is gathered on one side. This was also the first time I "made" bias tape to trim the bottom, so that was something cool to learn!

If you need a great tutorial on how to make a circle skirt, check out Dana at Made. Very simple!

I made a huge fabric flower at the gather, and of course had to make a matching headband! To make the flower, I just rolled and glued. If I ever recreate it, I'll do a tutorial.

The fabric used was from Michael Miller Gypsy Bandana collection. I love the pinks and greens! I also love how her bag that she already had matched perfectly!

Thanks, L! I look forward to you helping me out again, soon!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

So comfy!

I told you yesterday that I would show you my MOST favorite handmade gift today, so I am!

I loved these pillowcases so much that I'm going to make my self several pair. As a matter of fact, I'm really wishing I had one right now to nap on since I'm hanging out in a quiet hospital room while my dad is recovering from hip surgery (the reason I made the comfy pants).

I stumbled upon this tutorial at The Cottage Home and they are super simple. The Cottage Home is full of delightful tutorials, patterns and recipes. I find myself going there quite often!

I used a variety of designer fabric I had started to accumulate. I now know how people feel when parting with lovely fabric. They were so beautiful and soft that I had a hard time giving them up! I used some Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Oliver + S, Art Gallery and Riley Blake. All so lovely!

I think these are going to be my new go to gift for weddings, housewarmings, etc. They really are easy and are beautifully finished with not a seam showing. You spend most of the time cutting your fabric (straight is the key).

I already have plans to make some for myself and my girls because who doesn't love a good, comfy pillowcase?


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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Little Pampering? Yes, Please!

A couple of the gifts I put together were items that would hopefully help with relaxation and one of my favorite comforts - food!

Both of these ideas were taken from Pinterest - one of my new favorite addictions and I'm sure it's yours, too!

The first was a Peppermint Scrub made primarily with sugar. While it goes against my feelings about food coloring, it was just a drop for color and it wasn't being digested! This was SUPER easy to put together and smelled and felt delightful! I got the jars at the trusty dollar store and printed out labels, backed them with card stock and finished it off with a ribbon and a stir stick! There are many homemade scrub recipes out there, so take a look around. I'm going to try a brown sugar one next!

The next one was a hit with both the ladies and the gents. It was a Spice Rub for any meat. Being primarily paprika and brown sugar based, it smelled delicious while making it and works like a charm....there was some test kitchen on this one! One again, I turned to my dollar store for spice jars (not the best quality, but they work) and then applied some labels. They didn't stick well, but I think that was because the quality.

These were a couple of my favorite gifts because they were so quick and very useful! (Plus, the personal testing was a bonus!)

I also made my dear dad a couple of pj pants. These were pretty basic that I whipped up from an old Simplicity patten I had. Simple, but practical!

Tomorrow, my newest obsession!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Holiday Post - 1

One lesson I learned this Christmas is that when I decide to semi-handmade almost ALL of the gifts, I need to start in September! I was so scrambling at the last minute and had to make some adjustments due to time. But, in the end, everyone got their presents (and I hope they liked them!)

First up were the gifts I made for some dear little girls that I have the pleasure to know! I wanted to make them something from this awesome Riley Blake print I had.

I ended up complimenting them with some Moda fabric I had laying around (sorry, I can't find the link, but I'm pretty sure it's from the Hoopla collection). I wanted them similar, yet different, so I ended up bustling one in the front center and the other one on both sides.

The ribbon trim i had laying around as well (I THINK I got it last year from the Target Valentine's dollar bin!) I loved how they both looked kind of circusy and like stage curtains. I paired them with simple white tees and leggings from trusty Target!

They were also quite a twirly hit with the little princesses - sorry, no pics of that.... : (

Tomorrow, a simple pampering present!

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